Dog Gift Box

Ever wanted to create the perfect gift for your pet? 

The Dog Gift box is created by you, for them. We build each box around the selections that you make and cater for extra fussy dogs, owners who are cautious about what they give their pet and customers  who want to give their pets something that is extra special.

The Dog Gift Box

  • Tailor-made to your dog
  • Premium toys
  • Handmade treats
  • Gluten and wheat free products
  • Designed around your dogs playing style
  • The perfect gift for your dog
  • Prices start from £19.95

The Perfect Gift For Your Dog

The classic box contains a mixture of three delicious treats and two premium toys, every gift is tailored around your selection of products and built bespoke to your dog.

Are you ready to build the perfect gift?

What Can Go Inside a Pawsie Gift Box?

See Below For More Info On The Products To Choose From

Four Legged Fancies

  • Hand made
  • Home made
  • Wheat Free
  • Gingerbread Men Designed to Settle Upset Tummies and Travel Sickness
  • Unique designs
  • Biscuits keep for 6 months (unopened)


Why Slurps?

Most owners know exactly how much their dog is eating. But do you know how much they drink? To stay healthy, your dog should drink 50ml water / kg body weight daily.

That’s 500ml for a 10kg dog or two litres for a 40kg dog! 2 out of 3 dogs don’t drink enough so we have selected Slurps to provide a delicious, nutritious way to get dogs drinking more with an extra dose of Omega 3 fish oils.

Pawsie Treats

  • Designed For Dogs
  • Freshly Prepared Chicken, Duck and Turkey
  • Pawsie's High Quality Approval
  • Perfect Training Treats for the Kong Clam
  • Hyperallogenic
  • Easily Palatable
  • Gluten Free

Kong Clam

KONG’s Ballistic Hide ‘N Treat has been chosen as Pawsie’s premium toy which is available in every  Dog Classic Box!

This durable plush toy, delivers two-in-one action, as a mentally challenging treat puzzle and doubling as a fetch toy when closed.

Kong’s Ballistic Hide ’N Treat is designed with heavy-duty pockets and non-abrasive velcro that enclosures to hide treats and occupy dogs through varying levels of difficulty while providing a comfortable chewing experience.

Open the pockets for an easy challenge and close to increase the difficulty. Want to add to the play session? Close completely to turn the toy into a ball-shaped fetch toy.

A reinforced wipeable canvas make this toy easy to clean while standing-up to tough play sessions for long-lasting fun. Everything you need for a happy, healthy dog.

The Final Treat - Customise Your Pawsie Gift Box
to Your Dogs Playing Style


  • Does your dog love to chase?
  • Long tails make it easy to pick up and throw
  • Features reinforced nylon fabric & durable stitching
  • Includes two rubber balls - a tennis ball on top and a squeaker ball beneath


  • Does your dog love to Cuddle?
  • Soft and cuddle on the outside while durable and strong on the inside
  • Knotted Skeleton and reinforced plush body provides extra durability
  • Less stuffing for less mess and additional squeeker for extra fun!


  • Does your dog love to Chew?
  • Indestructible for most dogs and the perfect size for most at 7.5 cm diameter
  • Strong, non-toxic, bite resistant and durable
  • A great throw, fetch and play ball that is designed weight for dogs that love to chew
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